Tracer's Maps

AquaTechno-7.5- This isn't one of my best maps. This was before I could texture movers and I was into my "metal" texturing phase. It is a huge tank of water and above it are rooms that you reach from a spiral staircase. I dunno, I'm just weird, so download if you dare.

Charlotte-UnRated- This is my latest original. It is dedicated to my deceased friend Charlotte Penny who died of Heart Inflammtion. It is a very quiet place to play NAB in or even just to explore. If you could please, try not to fight in the picture room.

Stadium (Beta)-unf-Stadium '01 (Ancient Arena) Is a result of this map. Tmon & Tux seemed to have liked it enough to put it on their downloads page along with '01, so download it if you want. It isn't as fun, but for people who don't like a huge challenge, you may like it better.

Stadium '01 (ancient Arena)-8.5-This is my favorite map of all time that I've made. It is just an all around fun place to hang out in and you can play it many different ways. There is a hidden room, Secret respawn location, and many places to hide and manuever. Download this one, I guarantee you will like it.

Trip In The Head (Tith)-Unrated-I like this map, it is somewhat similar to UltraReal, except it is more thought out, and more simply put together. It is basically a low gravity sphere with columns to hide around and manuever through, a "water temple", stairs to the stop of the "head" and 2 secret rooms. I like this one too, maybe just because I made it.

True Run (Beta)-8.5- It really isn't a beat map, I just felt like naming it beta. In it's prime, it was a great map.Small, but it was unlike any other and started somewhat of a small revolution of new maps, the permanent bot maps. That is right, Sam and Frazier are permanent residents in this map. It is small, and agood first attempt at map making I think. It was my first, so, being the weird person I am, I used the strangest and flashiest textures I could find, so turn off the lights and lets party! It has a mirror, target, a pit of health, and a few other places. So for a small map, it is worth the download.

Ultra Real-7.5-This is one of my stranger maps. I didn't know how to use movers or make stairs so I just made a lot of boxes, so you have to jump up the stairs. You start out in a spherical room and there is a horseshoe-like hallway that goes around the outside. It also has strange textures, although they aren't as flashy as True Run.